Full Show Friday – Why do we tip takeout? And a 33 percent chance of the Norovirus.

Happy Friday! You get today’s full show as a reward to subscribing to the podcast! We really hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave us five stars… Below is what we covered!

0:00 to 9:00 Which is better for selling your junk? Craigslist/ FB Marketplace/ or a Garage Sale?

9:00 to 16:30 Peter Farrelly needs to get some help if he did THAT 500 TIMES!

16:30 to 42:38 Frontier Airlines Flight attendants are starting to get tips, will you be participating?

42:38 to 57:21 Cal Poly BB Head Coach Joe Callero thinks the Restaurant industry is doing it all wrong with the mandatory tip for large groups. He has the best idea ever!

57:21 to 61:28 Coach Callero previews Saturdays matchup with Northridge.

61:28 to 69:34 The Tamale Festival in Atascadero will be the best recipe for Cabin Fever after the rain we get next week.

69:34 to to 82:31 If you ever really truly wanted to “Save” a dog get out to the Woods Humane society and check out Ryu!

82:31 to 94:07 Earth and Fire Brewery and Slice of Templeton are teaming up to help Campfire victims, and we are starting a cruise line where you have a 33% chance of getting Norovirus… but it’s free. Are you jumping on this funship?

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