Jeff and Jeremy FSF – Grammatically speaking, Jeremy is getting old.

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In this Podcast, we find that vegas insiders actually play those silly Prop Bets, Jeremy gets mad that Millenials are judging him based on how many spaces he places after a period, Matt Cross is mad at the publication that named him two-time entertainer of the year. Joe Callero stops by to recount what happened when a fan had a heart attack at a game. and Dr. Ricky Volpe (The Doctor of Trivia) stops by to test the listeners. Don’t forget you can reach the podcast live at 805-543-3693 between 6-10 Pacific Time. If you are a subscriber you get to Ask Us Anything and we will answer it to the best of our abilities. You might even make it live on the radio 🙂

0:00 to 8:11 Did Buffalo Wild Wings steal Gary Eberle’s idea for a great promotion?

8:11 to 16:15 Lyft rider who got blotto thought his neighbor’s house was his.

16:15 to 24:04 Nothing says I love you like two-day-old Donuts in the mail.

24:05 to 30:21 Super Bowl Prop bets, Vegas insiders have a strategy.

30:21 to 39:08 Jeremy is taking this “Two spaces after the period thing” way too personal. 39:08 to 43:49 Unfortunately a doctor and a bar owner really cannot clear up the “space after a comma” controversy.

43:49 to 48:46 Matt takes issue with the journalistic integrity of the New Times and some of the facts that were misrepresented on a review of the Broad Street Public House

48:46 to 61:15 Joe Callero recaps that night a couple weeks ago when a fan had to CPR on the team’s bench and a look forward to the Fullerton matchup.

61:15 to 71:20 Trivia with Dr. Ricky Volpe takes center stage on the podcast and every Sunday night @ 5 at the Broad Street Public House.

71:20 to 76:48 The most awkward segment of the Woods Humane Society Adopt a Pet of the Week.

76:48 to 81:40 If you are a Bluegrass Pearl Jam Cover Band in need of a name, this is your reward for listening to this entire podcast!

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