Maybe they were just too hot for each other.

GQ‘s Babe of the Year Scarlett Johansson and Sexiest Man Alive Ryan Reynolds are getting divorced. In a joint statement, the two say, “After long and careful consideration on both our parts, we’ve decided to end our marriage. We entered our relationship with love and it’s with love and kindness we leave it. While privacy isn’t expected, it’s certainly appreciated.”

The two stars, who wed in 2008, reportedly separated six months ago.

Who is the bigger star between these two? It is really a tough call as Jeremy illustrates in the rundown of the resumes.

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Princess Leia has long been the answer for many a Star Wars fan.

As it turns out you may have had a chance with her. In fact she told the New York Times that she has slept with many a Star Wars Nerd. And she eluded to the fact that she may have even had sex with George Lucas…

We got a lot of suggestions from people this morning as to who they lust after in the fantasy realm.

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So What are we really trying to say about our first ever Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?


He’s invited to our very first Ugly Christmas Party this Friday at Marston’s (formerly Marti’s). YOU ARE INVITED TOO! We will be broadcasting live starting at 8pm with 93 cent Drafts and well drinks starting then and running till Midnight. Be sure to wear your ugliest sweater and you could walk away with your share of $300 of Marston’s Gift Certificates. Be listening throughout the week for Santa Claus to ask you to be the first caller and you could end up in the VIP!


Jeremy’s Paper Boy is trying to get a tip from him even though he doesn’t receive the paper anymore… Here is what many of you had to say about it.

According to CNN this is what you are supposed to give to your service providers.

Child Care:

 —Babysitter.  One night’s pay, plus a small gift from the child.

Nanny.  One week to one month’s pay, plus a small gift from the child.

Daycare provider$20 to $70 each, plus a small gift from the child.

Child’s teacher.  A gift.

Coaches, tutors, music teachers, and dance teachers.  A small gift from the child.

 Home and Car Care:

 —Housekeeper.  One week’s pay or more, depending on how long they’ve been with you.

 —Garbageman$15 to $20 each. 

 —Parking attendant$10 to $35.

 —Gardener$20 to $50.


 —Doormen$25 to $100 each.

Superintendent/custodian$50 to $300.

Porter/handymen$10 to $50 each.

 Personal Care:

 —Hairdresser$20 to $100, plus a small gift.

Manicurist$10 to $50, plus a small gift.

Personal trainer$25 or the cost of one session.

 Pet Care:

 —Dog groomer.  Small gift.

Dog walker or pet sitter.  Cost of one to two weeks’ pay.

 Delivery Services:

 —Mailman.  They can’t accept cash gifts, so a gift under $20.

 —UPS or FedEx guy.  A gift under $25.

 —Paper carrier$15 to $25 for daily delivery, $5 to $15 for weekend delivery.


Everybody remebers those ridiculous Bev-Keys that were supposed to act as Key Chains that came out in the early 90′.  The Problem with those things combined with the tight fitting jeans that we all wore then was if it got mipsoitioned in your pocket it would cause some serious damage.


The Brewzkey is a great invention because it is a lot less cumbersome than your classic keychain bottle opener! The Brewzkey has one simple instruction that comes along with it.


This weeks pro prognosticator will take home TEN or these to give their loved ones for the holidays. Get more info on it at…


Thanks to everyone who came out to the fourth annual Pee on a Tree. This year it was at the Tree Man Nursery in Paso Robles! Thanks to Zan and all the great staff for providing the trees and thanks to all the dogs for holding their pee for their owners. It was a huge success with over 35 high quality trees given away this Christmas!


Here is the E-Mail that we got from Cindy concerning her awkward christmas party hookup!

Hey Guys – I saw your posting about Christmas parties on facebook… I didn’t want to say anything there because I’m really embarrassed about what happened at my Christmas party last weekend and don’t know what to do about it know at work. This week has been hell so far. I had a lot to drink at the Christmas party and I was hanging out with a guy I work with who was also drunk. He is 10 years older than me, and I feel really weird because I let him feel me up and we made out a little bit. I feel a little violated because he is my superior in the work place, but I also didn’t stop him from making out with me. He has said nothing about it at all this week and is acting like nothing happened. I haven’t told anyone at work about it. What should I do?


From a city here on the Central Coast.

Everybody pretty much thinks she shouldn’t say anything about it.

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Tonight is the big Jon Anderson acoustic performance at the PAC. This morning we had a chance to talk with him and ask him what the likelyhood of YES getting back together was.

He told us here!


We got into this discussion after some people said on Facebook that Jeff should use AXE as a masking agent for a sweatshirt that his dog used as a bed.

Come to find out Jeff is too cheap for AXE and uses the Dollar Store Brand. That is how he “Scored” his wife!

Chris says that stuff is only marketed towards teenagers and real men don’t use it.

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All week long we have been giving you the chance to see Gary Hoey at the SLO Brewing Company. This morning we thought we would make it extra Ho-Ho-Hoey!

It was Chris who outlasted Mike in name that Christmas Tune.

Make sure to click on Gary’s picture to buy a copy of his christmas album!