Congratulations to Jim Woodard in Atascadero for winning all the Prizes in the 12 Days of Christmas!!! Scroll Down to see all that he won!

Question #1 :  What did The Ribline take home fourth place in the World Food Championships for? Their Chili

Question #2: What did the listeners of “Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning” nickname the Lisa Solomon / Paso Robles Police – Scandal? Hot Tub Crime Machine

Question#3:T or F… John Candy was in the movie Home Alone. True

Question #4: What was the Name of Jeff and Jeremy’s beer that was brewed at Central Coast Brewing? Jeff and Jeremy’s Falcon good Pale Ale!

Question #5: What band was the last band to perform live on Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning? The Ragged Jubilee

Question #6: What got stuck in Jeremy’s ear during his Summer vacation? A silverfish bug

Question #7: Name two of the guest hosts that made an appearance during Listener appreciation week … Sean and Jules  (Lisa, Andrew, and Craig)

Question #8: What California Mid-State Fair grandstand act did Jeff and Jeremy piss off this year? The Mavericks

Question #9: What did the Representatives at Vons do when Josh Friedberg from free-slo.com tried to give their customers free plastic bags instead of having to pay for paper bags? Kicked him off the property

Question #10 Why was Intern Connor Apprehensive about signing the Employee Handbook? Because it said you must wear appropriate undergarments

Question #11 What celebrity did Jeff and Jeremy Pre-Funk with for the Journey show at the California Mid-State Fair? Ron Capps

Question #12: Jeff and Jeremy took on Cal Poly’s Will Taylor in Basketball this year, 2 on 1, What was the final score of the seven minute contest? WT: 17 J&J 2

List of Prizes

One night stay and dinner at the SeaVenture Resort

Two Zip-line and Wine Tours at Margarita Adventures

Three 99-Dollar Gift Cards to Cloud Nine Smoke Shop 

Four tickets to the show of your choice at the California Mid State Fair

Five Farts by Mail

Six Take and Bake Pizza’s from Central Coast House of Bagels

Seven Hours of Brewing at Central Coast Brewing

Eight $10 Gift certificates to Chino’s Rockin’ Tacos on Marsh in SLO!

Nine Cookie’s from the Applefarm

Ten $10 Gift Certifcates to the Paso Robles Inn Steak House

Eleven Tickets to Blues Baseball’s 2013 campaign

12 Personalized bottles of wine from Broken Earth Winery


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