The Daily Dump 3-28-16 Easter Candy and Infidelity


Episode 12 – A Daily Podcast about some current events and some local goings-on located on the Central Coast of California. If you call in at 543-3693. This is where you become the star of the Show. Today we were told we were breaking a big announcement only to have KSBY beat us to it. What is the best and worst Easter Candy, Road signs that need to be changed and Dating sites are for Married people too. Push play above or save it to your Phone or Computer to listen at your leisure!

(0:00) Why is it that Women hate Technology gifts?

(18:06) Parents ruin easter again, this time it’s on the right coast.

(23:35) KSBY Scoops us with their News division

(27:29) What is the best Easter candy and the worst easter candy

(44:03) If you are thinking dating sites are for Single People, guess again.

(57:49) Jeff makes another appeal to bring back Croquet to the lawns of the Central Coast


Connecticut Easter Egg HuntAn Easter egg hunt organizer said the adults in the crowd acted like “locusts” and turned the hunt into a shoving match at the Pez candy company. Saturday’s event in Orange, Conn., drew hundreds of people, some of whom couldn’t quite abide by the rules or the starting time. A Pez rep said that people “rushed the field and took everything.” Event organizers placed more than 9,000 eggs on three fields with the intention of having staggered start times for each age group. But Pez officials say parents didn’t wait. “We made efforts to get everyone something before they left and passed out tons of candy and coupons and the front entry and tried to make the best of an unfortunate situation. Due to the actions of a few, the good intent quickly turned into a mess. I would like to sincerely apologize to each of our guests, this was not something created to frustrate or make people angry. We only wanted to do good for the local community.”


The Daily Dump 3-25-16 One Mans Arrest is another Mans Treasure


Episode 12 – A Daily Podcast about some current events and some local goings-on located on the Central Coast of California. If you call in at 543-3693. This is where you become the star of the Show. Man arrested for not returning Freddy Got Fingered 14 YEARS AGO! What are you hanging on to that might be worth something? Why don’t you see Ted Cruz and Chris Hanson in the Same place? Push play above or save it to your Phone or Computer to listen at your leisure!


(0:00) Garry Shandling Passed away and Jeremy wants to play the 911 call, but decides to put it on the web instead. And why does a potential President need to wear Pointy Cowboy Boots?  

(7:06) Man Arrested for not taking back VHS tape 14 YEARS Ago

(23:09) Ted Cruz Wears Pointy Cowboy Boots, but has never rode a horse

(26:06) Video Rental places deserved to go out of business due to surcharge practices

(30:21) What are you holding onto that you think will be worth money someday
(67:35) How come you never see Ted Cruz and Chris Hanson in the same place?


Smhs-sm-campus1The Daily Dump 3-24-16 What were you known for in High School

Episode 11 – A Daily Podcast about some current events and some local goings-on located on the Central Coast of California. If you call in at 543-3693. This is where you become the star of the Show. A girl in Florida will always be known for getting in trouble for pitching a boys butt. What was your High School Legacy? Jeff Stulberg answers some questions about the Hulk Hogan case, and Ted Cruz’s wife may have been you neighbor.   Push play above or save it to your Phone or Computer to listen at your leisure!

(0:00) People aren’t taking the money they are GIVING away in South Korea  

(4:55) What was your High School Legacy?

(44:31) Hulk Hogan’s legacy will always be known as a sleazeball
(61:45) Ted Cruz and Donald Trump mix it up and SLO Wins.


Click here to see what everyone had to say about this and their own personal experiences.

Breana Evans, a 12-year-old girl from Florida, was suspended from Milwee Middle School and arrested on battery charges for pinching a boy’s butt in the hall between classes. Although the incident happened two weeks ago, the victim’s mother pressed charges that resulted in Breana’s arrest. To avoid a possible increased charge from battery to a sex crime, Breana’s dad, Ray Evans, enrolled her in a 90-day juvenile diversion program that involves classes, drug testing, and community service. “If I don’t do the community service, I might be known as a sex offender when I’m 18, so, like, it’ll mess up my world to be honest,” Breana said. Upon completion of the program, the charges will be removed from her record. “I don’t get why it’s such a big deal,” Breana said. “I just pinched the boy’s butt. I didn’t like hurt him or anything.” She has since apologized to the victim on local news.

Glory Days


Mom's BasementThe Daily Dump 3-23-16 If we give the guy who lives in his mom’s basement 15 an hour he’ll just go buy more snakes

Episode 10 – A Daily Podcast about some current events and some local goings-on located on the Central Coast of California. If you call in at 543-3693. This is where you become the star of the Show. Exotic Pets. What does it say about the owner? Axe Body Spray is quickly falling into the English Leather category. Jeff figured out why the Gender Wage Gap exists.  Push play above or save it to your Phone or Computer to listen at your leisure!

(0:00) Jeremy is upset that Obama was taking in a baseball game while Isis was attacking  

(6:19) Is a 13 foot python considered weapon of Terror?

(21:39) What is your #FirstImpression of Snake Owner?

(27:43) Axe shuts down a daycare and church, but is it that bad? There have been worse.

(40:57)  #GenderWageGap problem solved. Women have less to aspire to.

(51:57) #Hanson or #SpiceGirls who had better career

(1:00:39) Forget Reptiles, Possums in Morro Bay are where it is at baby!  

(1:02:14) Awkward Facebook exchange about cats must make us super cool with the @Nerdist crowd!

(1:06:08) Sarah Palin is jumping into the Daytime Courtroom. Are you watchin?
(1:12:18) Won’t $15 Minimum wage just drive up the prices of everything?





It’s good to be rich; this much is not in dispute — there is literally no part of your life that couldn’t be improved, however marginally, by having more money. For many men who become rich (or at least attempt to), women are a big motivator. Rich guys get the hottest women, and the ability to put your penis in someone who many, many other men also want to put their penis in is, obviously, the nadir of our existence. But what you don’t hear about are the other, quirkier effects of having more money, for instance the fact that when you feel wealthier, the women in your life may seem less attractive to you.

Men are motivated to make more by a HPOA!

Those are the results of a recent Chinese study, which involved 182 college students (121 women, 61 men) in committed relationships. The researchers used different preliminary questionnaires about financial status in order to make the participants feel better or worse about their financial situations, and then asked them to rate their satisfaction with their partners across multiple attributes (including attraction) on a 1-9 scale.

Overall, money changes men, but not women. Men made to feel richer were noticeably less satisfied with their partner’s own financial resources and her physical distance from him, but the biggest change was in how hot she looked:

That’s a 3/4 to more than full point difference, depending on the error bars. Note that when women were made to feel wealthier, there was virtually no change at all, and if anything a teensy uptick in how attractive they found their partners. The researchers partially explain this as being an (always suspect) evolutionary psych thing, that men have evolved to value looks in a partner, while women have traditionally valued resources. What that doesn’t explain, though, is why feeling richer makes the one you’re with seem instantly less attractive.

While sample size (again, just 61 men) is a limiting factor, we can still hypothesize. Do men, knowing that women value resources, feel entitled to more attractive women when they believe they’re in possession of more resources? In other words, does winning the lottery automatically mean you can do better than you are right now? Because that’s essentially what this is — monthly income was among the factors controlled for, so the results would indicate that regardless of how much you actually have, feeling as though it counts for more makes your current girlfriend look like hot garbage. Being taken down a peg, however, apparently makes you happy to have anyone who’ll have you.

It’s hard to glean too much from this (what defines “satisfaction,” after all?), but it’s a valuable bit of insight to keep in mind if you get a big promotion or some other windfall: The girl with you now was the same girl with you before the money came in.


Axe #FAILSEATTLE – A faulty can of Axe Body Spray was responsible for the evacuation of a Seattle church and daycare center on Friday after it began emitting “cough-inducing fumes.”

Is Axe body Spray the New English Leather

A backpack containing the leaking can was found in a bathroom in the church, prompting a 911 call about the offending bag and the clearing of both buildings, reports MyNorthwest.com. When the fire department arrived on the scene, they decided to call in a hazmat team to investigate the source of the fumes. Luckily, the team soon discovered that the “suspicious item” was only the malfunctioning — and “non-hazardous” — spray.

Moral of the story — maybe reconsider using Axe if you don’t want to smell like a toxic cloud of gas.


Python Hiroshi Motohashi was arrested Sunday night in Studio City after allegedly bringing a giant snake into a sushi restaurant, leaving it on the floor and walking out.

He walked into Iroha Sushi of Tokyo around 7:30 p.m. Sunday with a smaller snake, according to diners in the restaurant. He was upset and got into an argument with another diner, authorities said.

The man was asked to leave the restaurant, and returned a short time later with an even bigger snake.

Witnesses said he threw the python on the floor in the middle of the restaurant and left. Customers in the restaurant freaked out and called 911.

Emergency responders were able to corner the snake and contain it in a box.

Authorities said the man was arrested and charged with criminal threats for “using the snake as a weapon and threatening the patrons.”

What does a weird pet say about the owner of said pet


ShoesThe shoes don’t lie.

New study has determined that if someone is engaged in a conversation with someone else and you are waiting to jump in, that you should look at the position of their shoes first.

What are some other body language cues that we rely on when communicating with others?