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Jeff and Jeremy FSF – Grammatically speaking, Jeremy is getting old.

In this Podcast, we find that vegas insiders actually play those silly Prop Bets, Jeremy gets mad that Millenials are judging him based on how many spaces he places after a period, Matt Cross is mad at the publication that named him two-time entertainer of the year. Joe Callero stops by to recount what happened when a fan had a heart attack at a game. and Dr. Ricky Volpe (The Doctor of Trivia) stops by to test the listeners. Don’t forget you can reach the podcast live at 805-543-3693 between 6-10 Pacific Time. If you are a subscriber you get to Ask Us Anything and we will answer it to the best of our abilities. You might even make it live on the radio 🙂

0:00 to 8:11 Did Buffalo Wild Wings steal Gary Eberle’s idea for a great promotion?

8:11 to 16:15 Lyft rider who got blotto thought his neighbor’s house was his.

16:15 to 24:04 Nothing says I love you like two-day-old Donuts in the mail.

24:05 to 30:21 Super Bowl Prop bets, Vegas insiders have a strategy.

30:21 to 39:08 Jeremy is taking this “Two spaces after the period thing” way too personal. 39:08 to 43:49 Unfortunately a doctor and a bar owner really cannot clear up the “space after a comma” controversy.

43:49 to 48:46 Matt takes issue with the journalistic integrity of the New Times and some of the facts that were misrepresented on a review of the Broad Street Public House

48:46 to 61:15 Joe Callero recaps that night a couple weeks ago when a fan had to CPR on the team’s bench and a look forward to the Fullerton matchup.

61:15 to 71:20 Trivia with Dr. Ricky Volpe takes center stage on the podcast and every Sunday night @ 5 at the Broad Street Public House.

71:20 to 76:48 The most awkward segment of the Woods Humane Society Adopt a Pet of the Week.

76:48 to 81:40 If you are a Bluegrass Pearl Jam Cover Band in need of a name, this is your reward for listening to this entire podcast!

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