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Indianapolis Colts QB Carson Wentz to miss 5-12 weeks to undergo foot surgery

Indianapolis Colts QB Carson Wentz will be sidelined for about five to 12 weeks after undergoing foot surgery on Monday. Head coach Frank Reich told reporters that Wentz’s latest ailment resulted from an old high school injury, and a broken bone came loose in the signal-caller’s left foot. Colts offensive coordinator Marcus Brady said Friday that Wentz felt a “twinge in his foot” when he rolled out and planted to make a throw late in Thursday’s training camp practice. The Colts met with multiple doctors to determine the best course of action, with all parties involved agreeing that surgery was necessary to ensure the injury didn’t return. The procedure removed the bone out of the fifth metatarsal of Wentz’s left foot.

Reich said the wide range of the recovery timetable is because players have different recovery rates. The franchise could have a better understanding on Wentz’s return once he begins the rehabilitation process. Reich added: “Knowing Carson, I’m optimistic. Knowing this is the type of injury you don’t have to be pain-free to play in. You have to get to an acceptable level of tolerating pain and then you can start playing. That could happen early.”

The Colts acquired Wentz from the Philadelphia Eagles during the off-season. The 28-year-old Wentz, who sustained a season-ending torn ACL late in the 2017 campaign, has played a full NFL season only twice in his career.

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